Module 3: Create Your Portfolio

One of the biggest reasons I signed up for this course was to learn Word Press.  I have tried it numberous times before and I was completely over whelmed.  This is a complely different experience.  I imagine the first reason it is different is becausee this is a blog and I was trying to make a website, but I think there is hope.

Following directions is difficult for me.  The analogy is, for some people you can give them a box of parts and they can build a bicycle.  Other individuals need to see a picture of a bicycle and then they can take the box of parts and build the bicycle.  I am the picture person.

I opened Jennifer’s pretend website/blog, went to and tried to setup an account.  That is when I discovered I already had an account.  One step ahead and I even remembered my password.  It was fun picking my header, although I am not as happy with it now that the title of my blog is covering up the American Flag in front of my school.  By the time this blog post is written the header may be changed.  I am a bit uncomfortable about the flag being 1/2 covered up.  I have been looking at Jennifers and poking around to figure things out so far.  I have the resources and know I can look up videos on Youtube, but for right now I am happy to do trial and error, it is how I learn best. I am enjoying the process.


Module 2: Lay the Groundwork

I think of myself as being pretty tech savy, at least better than the average bear, but then again I did sign up for this class.  By module 2, I was feeling like a real klutz!

My group chose Voxer.  We are very lucky to have Meg Hunter in our group who is very knowledgeable with Voxer and she posted help with it and walked me through numerous things.  I wish I had the Pro version so I could delete my flubs, but have resisted purchasing it for now.

Drop Box is the cloud storage I chose.  It was simple to set up.  I just followed the steps as Drop Box walked me through the process.  My mistake came when I did not properly get the url.  When I posted what I thought was the url for my reflection I got a notice that one of my group members could not access my document.  I went back to Drop Box and looked at the instructions again and posted the correct link.  Click here to access my reflection.


Module 1: Take Stock

Kris Cerone – Jumpstart Course

Module 1 Reflection


1. What are your biggest concerns or challenges with technology? Choose two or three and describe how these things hold you back.

My biggest challenge teaching with technology is administrators and other teachers who think I am not teaching because I do not standup in front of the classroom and run my mouth off at my students (lecture).  I use a blended learning model and my students do very well.

I am challenged by the file system in Windows 10 and Office 16 and the fact they are connected with the Cloud.  Our school provides unlimited cloud service.  I have two issues.  The system to which a person saves in Windows 10 is convoluted and frustrating, takes way too much time and things seems to go to all kinds of places regardless of how hard I try to keep them where I put them.  Second, regarding the school server, my files do not upload frequently.  I am an adult school teacher teaching more hours online than in the classroom in a high school district.  IT has no time for me because I am not using district equipment at home and since I do so much on one computer I bring my laptop to campus.  It would be folly to switch to a campus PC for those few hours.  My solution is using small external harddrives as backups.

2.  “Why Bother with Technology?” many reasons are given for why technology is worth the trouble. Which two reasons are most relevant to you? Using a specific example for each, explain how using more technology could make a difference for you.

Technology does not save time, in my experience.  If anything it takes more time because we strive for perfection with technology.  Having said that…

In my discipline, Medical Billing, the use of technology allows students to work at their own pace.  No student is holding the class back or leaving another student behind because the class has to move on.  The student is met where they are at and proceeds at their own pace, within limits.  One of the reasons for using the blended learning model is to give students who needed it one-on-one time with the teacher.

Using more technology, especially Voxer, could improve communication between the students and the teacher.  I must admit that honking noise from my cell phone is rather annoying though.  I shut of the sound on my phone today.

3.  After reading the descriptions of teachers who have woven technology into their work and lives, choose two specific tools that interest you and describe how they might be used in your work.

Remind – This is a good app to use to contact students when I need to send them a quick reminder.  I especially like that I can set the reminder when I think of it but have it go out on another date.

Voxer – Voxer would work very well for me to explain concepts to online students and to classroom students who are having difficulty when they are not in the classroom.  There are times that I have written long e-mails and thought I explained something very well, including drawings and pictures and the student still did not get what I was explaining.

4.  After reading “How to Implement Technology,” choose two tips you believe are most important for successful use of technology. Explain why.

Getting clear on the reason — Just having some form of technology for the heck of it is a waste of time and money.  There needs to be a good and compelling reason.  When others recognized I was good with technology I felt pressured to learn and implement everything that came along.  I was overwhelmed and figured out that there were too many programs coming down the pike and I needed to choose what we needed and do that well.

Starting small — You start small to make sure you are using the right software and going in the right direction.  I have seen business, especially government, jump both feet first into huge software systems that turn out to be useless.

5.  Choose one thing you learned from the Q&A section and explain how you might apply it to your work.

I did not attend the Q & A.

6.  Preview the 30 tool categories covered in the Teacher’s Guide to Tech. Choose two that are especially interesting to you and explain how you might use these in your work.

The 30 tool categories are overwhelming and take me back to No. 4, get clear on the use and take it slow.  I want to jump in and try everything.  Picking only two, I am going to Discussion and sticking with Voxer.  Call me cheap and lazy, call me the person who buys the first car on the lot, the first thing when she walks in the door, I know it was the first tool I saw, but when I see it and I like it, I like it.

My second choice is a split between Assessment and Book Publishing.  I would like to investigate the Assessment tools further.  So much more could be put into competency based assessment for career, technical education students, but it is hard so we just test them.  Shame on us.  Book publishing is a great idea because there is so much ancillary material in healthcare that can be brought together and put in a book.  Not a book for publishing, but a book for students to use online.  Putting the data in a sensible order would be helpful.